Burrrrr! Winter weather means more broken drive shafts.

Hello everyone,

The past few weeks have been pretty brutal in regards to winter weather. We've had customers all over the country needing drive shafts due to the stress put on their snow plow vehicles. As always, we appreciate all the calls and we're working extra hard to keep up with orders and keep everyone updated on their tracking information, etc. Having said that, let's get into a few of the reasons that winter weather is so hard on drive shafts...

  • Grease gets thinner over miles of use. This, combined with the hardening effect of cold weather means that the grease is offering less protection on driveshaft compoonents
  • In northern climates, salt on the roadways causes corrosion of u-joints, slip yokes, and constant velocity assemblies
  • The 4-wheel drive is getting used more frequently and with greater stress
  • Colder weather also means driveshaft tubing and other parts become more brittle

Much like with summer, preventative maintenance on driveshafts and drivetrain components in general goes a long way. It's always a good idea to grease your driveline at each moving part with each oil change (and more frequently if your 4X4 is seeing heavier use). Even with careful maintenance, components can still break and need replacement. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We're always happy to help!



Justin from ProShaft 

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