700R Conversion Drive Shaft with 1350 U-joints

When it comes to classic car restoration, we never cease to be amazed at our customers' imaginations. Sometimes we'll see people adding Ford rear differentials to classic Chevy trucks and vice versa. Occasionally, a customer will even add so much horsepower to their classic that they need a drive shaft with upgraded u-joints. 

Luckily at ProShaft, we offer a 700R/Turbo 350 transmission yoke that uses 1350 u-joints. This yoke, combined with a standard, one piece drive shaft built with 1350 u-joints is a nice upgrade if you'd like the added assurance of 1350 universal joints over standard 1310 or 1330 series. Keep in mind that you'll at least have to swap your rear differential pinion yoke to accommodate the larger u-joints. 

A couple of days ago, one of our customers in Louisiana called and requested that we build such a drive shaft for him. He's got classic 70's Chevy pickup that he's put a more modern Ford rear differential in and the pinion yoke is already set up for 1350 joints. Since he went with a new crate motor and a 700R4 transmission, one of these drive shafts was the natural choice for him. 

1350 Custom Drive Shaft Transmission Yoke

Here in this picture we can see the transmission (front) side of the drive shaft. Notice how the u-joint caps are wide but the ground hub of the transmission yoke is pretty thin? That's because this is a standard 27-spline yoke that's built to accept 1350 u-joints. 


Shortly, we're going to add a product page for custom 1350 drive shafts. We'll leave it up to you guys whether you want to go with a 27 spline transmission yoke or a 32 spline yoke. Of course this will depend on if you opt for a Turbo 350/700R transmission or something in the Turbo 400/4L80E family. Thanks for reading!

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