How do I identify my u-joint series? What about my transmission yoke?

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Some of the most common questions I get on an almost daily basis here at ProShaft are: how do I know what series my u-joint is? and how do I know which transmission yoke I need?

We've got a full article with dimension chart on transmission and transfer case yoke identification that you can find here:

Transmission and Transfer Case Yoke Identification

The process basically involves counting the splines inside the yoke, measuring the ground hub diameter, measuring the yoke width, measuring the yoke height, and measuring the u-joint cap hole diameter. 


When it comes to u-joint identification, the task is much easier. Essentially, we need to first know the u-joint "lock-up" type. That is, whether the u-joint uses inside clips (snap rings) or outside clips (snap rings). If our u-joint uses inside clips, we measure the contact points where the clips will contact the yoke to keep itself centered when installed. 

If your u-joint uses outside clips, we only need to measure the width of the u-joint with the caps on (just the u-joint, not the yoke that it is installed in). 

Whether our u-joint uses inside clips or outside clips, we need to determine the bearing cap diameter. 

Currently, we're working on the tutorial with full color pictures on how to determine u-joint series. We'll also be creating a handy chart with corresponding part numbers to make it easy for you guys to determine your u-joint type and take some of the mystery out of drive shaft work. 

Thanks for reading guys and stay tuned for our upcoming Driveshaft How-To articles!


Justin from ProShaft 

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