Drive Shaft Modification for '66 Corvette

One of our best customers here in Ft. Lauderdale called us up after they swapped their customers' transmission for a 700R4. The car they were working on was a pristine 1966 Cheverolet Corvette.

We made a trip over to their garage to see what would need to be done to the drive shaft. After measuring, the garage owner and I determined that the drive shaft would need to be around 3 1/2" shorter so that it could properly mate up with the transmission yoke and rear pinion yoke. 

Upon inspection, the original drive shaft tube was heavily dented on one end so it would need to be re-tubed entirely. This involves putting the drive shaft in the large bore lathe and machining both weld yokes out of the shaft. 

We'll have the drive shaft re-tubed to the correct length and balanced for the customer later today. I'll try to get some pictures of the car uploaded for you guys. 

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1966 Corvette Drive Shaft Modification

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