Ford Bronco Drive Shaft Repair

Recently, we got a call from a customer in West Palm Beach, FL. The guy was complaining that he'd bought the same drive shaft from a local parts store three (!) times and that the shaft kept failing him. He explained that his 1988 Ford Bronco was lifted but not more than three or four inches. 

He explained that his constant velocity joint would start grinding and making noise immediately after he installed the drive shaft. We took a look at the shaft and could see that it was a 1330 series CV. It was already in pretty bad shape but we also noticed that the CV unit didn't have much travel which was what was causing the grinding sound immediately upon installation. We also found one other glaring problem with the shaft. 

Ford Bronco Rear Drive Shaft

If you notice in the picture the drive shaft was welded together out of time. The flat surface of the yokes should be in line with one another. This was probably another cause of the customer's problems. 


To give the customer's drive shaft more travel, we installed a larger 1350 constant velocity set up. The CV flange used the same 2" Ford pilot so it was a perfect match. This had a couple of advantages: first, it gave the customer an upgrade to a larger CV set up that would last longer under stress and second, the 1350 CV had more travel so the unit wouldn't bind up as he drove his truck. 

We had him give us a call after he installed the shaft and he said it worked great for him. Now, he won't have to keep dumping money into a parts store drive shaft that they'd so far been unwilling to warranty for him. 

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