Ford Explorer and Mercury Mountaineer Front Drive Shafts

Here at ProShaft, we deal with a lot of drive shafts and diagnose a lot of problems on a daily basis. Like many vehicles that use a Rezeppa (pod-style constant velocity) front drive shaft, your Mercury Mountaineer or Ford Explorer will vibrate like crazy once this driveshaft begins to malfunction.

Some early warning signs that your Mercury Mountaineer/Ford Explorer's front prop shaft needs replacement:

  • Vibration while driving at any speed
  • Vibration while accelerating
  • Vibration while slowing down/decelerating 
  • Squeaking sound while driving at highway speed

Luckily, ProShaft is now offering replacement front drive shafts for both your Ford Explorer and Mercury Mountaineers at a price that can't be beat. 

Here are the current models we offer:

Luckily, all of these driveshafts are drop-in replacements for your current model. We offer them at a fraction of the cost that you'd expect to pay at the dealer. Buy from ProShaft with confidence!

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