Ford F-250 Two-Piece Drive Shaft Balance

At Proshaft, we understand the importance of a properly balanced drive shaft. In the case of a two-piece drive shaft, both sections of the drive shaft need to be balanced together to ensure that the driveshaft works as a system when installed in the vehicle. 

Recently, we got a call from one of our great customers in Davie, Florida. He told us that they'd gone all through a Ford F-250 Super Duty after the transmission was rebuilt but that they were still experiencing a vibration. They called us up to get the drive shaft rebalanced. Upon inspection, we realized that the midship slip yoke needed grease. Most slip yokes are built with some tolerance to allow for grease and when they get dry, you can wind up with a vibration. The first step was to remove the boot, re-grease the slip yoke, and reinstall the boot. 

Next, we got the drive shaft ready to attach to the balancer. You can see in the photo below that we have the drive shaft secured in three places: at the front of the shaft where it would attach to the transmission, in the middle of the shaft at the carrier bearing, and finally at the rear where it would attach to the rear differential. Notice that we've got shims under the carrier bearing so that the entire two piece shaft is running as level as possible. 

Ford F-250 Two Piece Drive Shaft Balance


In the picture, you can see that we've already added balance weights to the rear section of the drive shaft. We're running it one more time to make sure the weights balanced the shaft. After the weights have been added and tested, we'll tack weld them in place permanently so that the drive shaft will be balanced. After the entire driveshaft assembly is balanced, we go ahead and put a timing mark between the two sections so that the shaft maintains balance during installation. 

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