Land Rover Defender Front Drive Shaft

We love it when a customer calls in with something new for us. This time, a Land Rover specialist in Kentucky gave us a call to let us know they were searching for a couple of front drive shafts for their Land Rover Defenders. This was something new for Proshaft since most of the Land Rover prop shafts we've dealt with have been for the Discovery II models. 

However, they let us know that the drive shaft attached at the front differential and transfer case with flanges on both ends and it appeared that the flange pilot diameter was the same on both sides. We had them measure the diameters and sure enough, they were an exact match! We built the drive shafts to the overall measurements they needed and they worked great!

Soon, we'll be adding a listing in our products section for the Land Rover Defender front drive shafts. So far, we've only built two of them and they were different measurements. For the time being, we'll leave the measurement diagram blank so you guys can provide us with the flange to flange measurement for your particular Defender. Thanks for reading!

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