ProShaft Now Offering Forged Transmission Slip Yokes

Five New Models of Forged Transmission Slip Yokes!


ProShaft began as a company reselling drive shafts in a spare bedroom in an old apartment. It hasn't been easy, but we've grown a lot since those days. Soon, we began selling transmission slip yokes for Turbo 350, Turbo 400, Ford C6, Ford C4, and other transmissions. 

As time went on and we continued to expand our lineup of drive shafts and driveshaft components, we were able to seek out additional suppliers for transmission and transfer case slip yokes. 

It's well known in many industries that steel components made of forged steel as opposed to cast provides a superior superior product. This provides higher torsional strength and an overall longer lasting drive shaft part. We're proud to announce that five of our most popular models are now made of extremely durable, forged steel:


This is easily one of our most popular transmission slip yokes. These 27-spline yokes fit a wide variety of transmissions including the GM Turbo 350 (TH 350), 700, 700R, 700R4, 4L60, 4L60E, Powerglide, Muncie 4-speed, and many others. They accept the widely popular 1310-style (Spicer 5-153X) universal joints. Additionally, these yokes are able to run at a higher degree angle than comparable models. This part is a direct replacement for the Spicer 2-3-6081X.


We offer these transmission yokes in a forged model as well. These yokes are will fit the same transmissions as our PS2-3-6081X except that they accept 1350-style u-joints (Spicer number 5-178X). Customers who choose this yoke are normally looking to upgrade their drive shaft to use 1350-style u-joints but still keep their Turbo 350, 700R, et. al. transmission since the typical factory drive shaft uses 1310-style, 1330-style, or 3R/S-44 Sagainaw-style u-joints. 


For our Ford customers, this is also a top seller. It is a 28-spline transmission yoke that uses 1330-style universal joints and fits the Ford C4, AOD, Top Loader, and T5 transmissions.  These yokes fit many models of Ford Mustang. For classic Mustang owners, the next yoke in our forged transmission yoke lineup is normally your best bet. These are a direct replacement for the Spicer 2-3-5981X. 


Like our PS2-3-5981X yoke, these yokes fit a whole array of 28-spline Ford transmissions. However, these yokes use the 1310-style u-joint like our PS2-3-6081X. They're popular for a lot of classic Ford Mustangs and especially customers interested in doing a T5 conversion. They are a direct replacement for the Spicer 2-3-8251X yoke. 


This the latest arrival in our forged yoke lineup. They are designed to fit the Turbo Hydramatic short-tail type transmissions and accept 1350-series universal joints. The PS3-3-2431X is also compatible with the 4L80E, 4L85E, Borg-Warner Super 10, Muncie M21, and Muncie M22 transmissions. These are a 32-spline yoke and many customers use them to replace the Turbo 400 bolt-on yokes once they remove the o-ring from their transmission output shaft. 

More to Come!

Moving forward, we're going to be offering all of our transmission and transfer case slip yokes in forged models. Be on the lookout for more models to come. Have a great day and thanks for reading!


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