Range Rover and Land Rover Driveshaft Offerings

For several years now, we've been manufacturing upgraded front drive shafts for the Land Rover Discovery Series II. Through careful parts sourcing, we've found flanges that allow us to use larger, American style 1310 universal joints to build some of the best aftermarket Land Rover driveshafts on the market today. 

Throughout this time, we've occasionally had customers ask for other parts for their Rovers: everything from transmissions to side mirrors. Unfortunately, we don't offer those products but there are a lot of aftermarket Land Rover suppliers around the web that do. Sometimes though, customers would call looking for replacement front or rear driveshafts for their Land Rover Discovery I, Land Rover Discovery II, Land Rover Defender, and even Range Rovers. 

Today, we're proud to announce that we've finally got the page up for the 2006-2012 Range Rover rear drive shafts. In a day or two, we'll be adding the product pages for the Range Rover front drive shafts. As we mentioned before, these driveshafts will be built using 1310 u-joints. There are going to be at least two different sizes so make sure to double check your front driveshaft measurement on your Rover before ordering. 

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