Spicer Non-greasable U-joints Are Best

Uh oh! Did he say it? Yes, he did. Before I continue, let me start this off by saying that we're not yet a Spicer dealer and they didn't pay us to say this at all. In fact, I still have to buy Spicer u-joints from a Spicer dealer before I can offer them to install in drive shafts. It's why ProShaft doesn't currently advertise Spicer joints in any of our drive shafts available for sale (though we will install Spicer joints for an upcharge on any shaft). 

Most of our drive shaft customers at least want greasable u-joints on their drive shaft. This is true for customers both buying new or just wanting a drive shaft rebuild. I completely understand wanting to be hands-on with your drivetrain maintenance. This is especially true in a climate like Miami/South Florida. Summertime heat can definitely cause grease to thin and wreak havoc on on all of your vehicle's components, especially the driveline. However, my opinion is that the absolute best universal joint you can install is the Spicer Life series. 

My opinion is based on several years of seeing just what type of u-joint lasts in vehicles and which do not. Any u-joint from a reputable brand such as Spicer, Neapco, or Meritor will give you a long service life if a regular maintenance schedule is followed. However, I've literally seen Spicer non-greasable u-joints show absolutely no wear on the journals (the shiny part that the u-joint cap rides on) after 200K plus miles on GM trucks. Sometimes, the old drive shafts would show up to the shop rusted beyond belief only to remove the u-joints to see that they were still in perfectly good shape to continue running.

Why is this you ask? I'm not 100% sure. However, I've noticed that when installing these u-jonts, the cap-to-journal fitment just feels far more precise. The caps also include a plastic thrust washer which also helps to reduce friction as the u-joint does its job. These u-joints also seem to "lock in" the lubrication when they are installed. Not to say other high quality u-joints feel cheap when installing them, but Spicer Life series are definitely a cut above anything else going in. 

If you're one of the customers who is die hard about greasing your u-joints, don't fret. This is a great practice that will definitely keep you from having to spend too much money at the driveshaft shop. However, there is great and there is best. And in my opinion, Spicer non-greasable u-joints represent the best. 

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