Swamp Buggy Drive Shaft

This was actually a first for Proshaft. We had a local customer from North Miami contact us about building a custom driveshaft for his swamp buggy. He opted for a big rear differential that used 1350 universal joints at the pinion yoke and a Turbo 400 transmission. He already had a transmission yoke so all he needed at that point to finish the job was a custom built drive shaft.

Swamp Buggy Drive Shaft

Here's a picture of the swamp buggy itself. We needed a measurement from the tip of the transmission output shaft to the center of the rear u-joint to make sure the drive shaft we built was going to be a perfect fit. 


Once we had the measurements, it was time to go to work. The customer wanted a drive shaft that could handle a large amount of torque. So, we opted to use 3.5"X.083" wall DOM tubing. Based on the length and amount of clearance under the buggy, we felt like this would be the best option. 

With the measurements in hand, we built and balanced the drive shaft on our computerized balancing system. Below is a picture showing the drive shaft fitment with the transmission:

Swamp Buggy Drive Shaft 2


The drive shaft turned out to be a perfect fit for the customer's buggy. Hopefully soon, we'll get to take a ride in this awesome rig!


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