Custom Driveshafts

ProShaft not only produces some of the finest aftermarket drive shafts out there, we're also happy to custom build a drive shaft to your specifications at a price much less than what you'd expect to pay elsewhere. Whether you're doing a 700R swap in a classic or you need a custom 1330 series driveshaft for a more modern Mustang, we're happy to build a drive shaft to perfectly fit your needs.

In addition to standard u-joints, we can install Spicer greaseable or non-greaseable (solid body) u-joints at your request (extra fees apply). Each drive shaft we build is assembled and welded to the closest tolerances possible and then computerized balanced for a lifetime of smooth performance. 

For our steel driveshafts, we use the best DOM (drawn over mandrel, seamless) tubing we can buy. This tubing is at least 20% stronger than standard seamed tubing and is much straighter from the foundry than other drive shaft tubing. 

We're adding some custom drive shaft product pages as well. When ordering, make sure to send us a note or e-mail with the center of u-joint to center of u-joint measurement of the drive shaft you need. Also, if you need a transmission yoke, let us know what type of transmission and the output shaft spline count so we can help you determine the proper yoke for you driveshaft. 


Custom Drive Shafts:

  • 1310 Series Custom Drive Shaft
  • 1330 Series Custom Drive Shaft (page coming soon, call to order)
  • 1350 Series Custom Drive Shaft
  • 1410 Series Custom Drive Shaft (page coming soon, call to order)
  • 1480 Series Custom Drive Shaft (page coming soon, call to order)

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