Ford C4 Transmission Slip Yoke-1330 U-joints

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ProShaft offers brand new Ford C-4 style, 28-spline transmission slip yokes.  It will also fit the AOD, T5. and Top Loader transmissions.   The unit accepts 1330 (Spicer/Spicer-style) universal joints and is a great addition to a Ford Mustang Drive Shaft that uses that style u-joint. These slip yokes are built from forged steel instead of cast for added strength.  Want to install this yoke on a race car shaft?  No problem, it will handle it. Shop with ProShaft and save today!




  • Uses outside snap rings (u-joint width is 3.622")
  • U-joint cap diameter is 1.062"
  • Center of u-joint to end of slip measurement is 5.906"
  •   ï Spline size is 1.220"
  •   ï Slip diameter is 1.500"
  •   ï Spline count is 27 based on 28 (fits 28-spline units)
  • Replaces Spicer part number 2-3-5981X
  • Replaces Neapco part number N2-3-5981X

Need replacement u-joints for your drive shaft that are compatible with this yoke? Click below!


1330 Series Universal Joint 5-213X Replacement for Precision 270 and N2-4800

Commonly found on many models of Ford Mustang!


If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message at or call 501-626-0570. We're always happy to assist you! 


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