Turbo 350 Transmission Slip Yoke (uses 1350 U-joints)

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Ever thought it would be a good idea to upgrade your stock drive shaft to 1350 u-joints for higher torque and performane?  These slip yokes will allow you to use a bigger, upgraded drive shaft with stronger u-joints while keeping your Turbo 350, Muncie 4-speed, or almost any 27-spline output shaft transmission. 



  • Uses outside snap rings
  • U-joint width is 3.622"
  • U-joint cap diameter is 1.188"
  • Center of u-joint to end of slip measurement is 5.469"
  • Slip hub diameter is 1.500"
  • 26 based on 27 spline
  • Spline size is 1.176"
  • Same as Spicer part number 2-3-6081X except uses larger, 1350 u-joint

      If you are needing the 1310 (smaller width and cap diameter) series version of this yoke, it can be found here:

                                        GM TURBO 350 TRANSMISSION SLIP YOKE (TH 350/700R4)

     If you are needing the 3R/S-44 Saginaw (that uses inside clips/snap rings) version of this yoke, it can be found here:

                         TURBO 350/700R4/TH350 TRANSMISSION SLIP YOKE 3R U-JOINTS 534G INSIDE SNAP RING


Fits the following transmissions/transfer cases:


  • Muncie 4-speed
  • 4L60 & 4L60E
  • 700R & 700R4
  • Powerglide
  • Borg Warner T-4, T-5, and T-10
  • Saginaw 3-Speed
  • Saginaw 4-Speed
  • Turbo Hydramatic/TH/Turbo 350
  • Also fits others!


If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message at sales@proshaftllc.com or call 501-626-0570. We're always happy to assist you!


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