Turbo 350 Transmission Slip Yoke (uses 1310 u-joints)


Th350 yoke satisfaction guarantee    




ProShaft just loves saving our customers money. We offer this Turbo 350 transmission yoke for 1310 u-joints (also known as a th350 yoke) at a great price and we'll ship it for free. This is a very common 27-spline yoke found on tons of General Motors vehicles. Want the strongest version of this yoke for the best price? You found it. These yokes are made of forged steel and not cast. Shop with ProShaft and save today!



  • Uses outside snap rings (u-joint width is 3.218")       Click here for replacement u-joints
  • Universal joint cap diameter is 1.062"
  • Center of u-joint to end of slip measurement is 5.469"
  • Slip hub diameter is 1.500"
  • 26 based on 27 spline
  • Spline size is 1.176"
  • Replaces Spicer part number 2-3-6081X
  • Replaces Neapco part number N2-3-6081X

      Needing a longer version of this slip yoke for the race track? We offer a longer version of this yoke at the link below:

                            GM Turbo 350 Extra Long Racing Slip Yoke 700R4 7.5"  


      Needing a version of this slip yoke that uses inside snap rings/clips? Those can be found here:

                   TURBO 350/700R4/TH350 TRANSMISSION SLIP YOKE 3R U-JOINTS


Fits the following transmissions/transfer cases: 

  • Muncie 4-speed
  • Muncie M20
  • Muncie M21
  • 4L60 & 4L60E
  • 700R & 700R4
  • Powerglide
  • Borg Warner T-4, T-5, and T-10
  • Saginaw 3-Speed
  • Saginaw 4-Speed
  • Turbo Hydramatic/TH/Turbo 350
  • Also fits others!

If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message at sales@proshaftllc.com or call 954-939-4415 We're always happy to assist you!