Transmission and Transfer Case Yoke Size Chart

We know that trying to determine which transmission yoke is best for you application can be a big challenge. So, we've put together a handy chart with all of the relevant measurements to help you determine which yoke is best for your transmission or transfer case. On the chart, you'll even find the u-joint sizes and the corresponding yoke widths to help you match a yoke that will fit both your transmission/transfer case and your driveshaft. 

Dimensions on the chart:

  • Yoke width (helps determine universal joint series)
  • U-joint bearing cap diameter (also helps determine universal joint series)
  • Spline count
  • Spline size (corresponds with major spline diameter of transmission output shaft)
  • Centerline of u-joint to end of spline measurement
  • Ground hub diameter (the diameter of the round shaft that slides into the transmission, the transmission output seal seals against this round surface)

Note: Part numbers PS2-3-12411X and PS2-3-6081X are interchangeable in a lot of applications. However, part number PS2-3-12411X is especially useful for high angle applications found on many models of Jeep Wrangler with the New Process 241 transfer case. 

If you need help measuring the different dimensions of your yoke, we've put together a How-To article on yoke measurement. Let us know if you still need help determining your yoke measurements. We're always happy to assist you!

Tip: If the chart appears too small, use your browser's zoom function so that you can see the information more clearly.


Transmission and Transfer Case Yoke Size Chart ProShaft, LLC