Conversion U-joint for 1310 to 3R (inside clips/snap rings) 5-3022X Replacement

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Have you ever been in the middle of a car restoration project just to find out that you had a mismatched transmission yoke and drivehsaft? What about that time you did a rear-end swap and your drive shaft u-joint didn't match the rear pinion yoke? This u-joint will solve many of those problems. One set of bearing caps is the ever-popular 1310 series and the other set is 3R Saginaw style with inside clips (snap rings). These universal joints will allow you to adapt those mismatched drivetrain parts without breaking the bank or buying expensive new transmission yokes, rear-end yokes, or even complete drive shafts. Shop with ProShaft and save!


  • 1310 side u-joint width is 3.219"
  • 1310 side u-joint cap diameter is 1.063"
  • 3R/S44/inside snap ring side u-joint width is 3.563"
  • 3R/S44/inside snap ring lock-up width is 2.556"
  • 3R/S44/inside snap ring side u-joint cap diameter is 1.125"


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